Debbie DeChambeau is the founder of Select Business Marketing which is a division of Select Business Team, llc.

After spending more than 10 years helping small business with digital marketing, she discovered podcasting and changed the business direction to focus solely on podcasting. 

As a podcaster herself, she hosts and produces 3 podcast shows and works with other organizations to help them create, implement and launch their shows. 


Giving back and getting involved has been at the forefront of Debbie’s life. In the podcasting community she regularly gives presentations on podcasting. She has given presentations to Duct Tape Marketing Consultants, SCORE and SBDC Chapters, Team Network and Podfest Multimedia Expo. Other activity in the podcasting community includes hosting a monthly meetup in Maryland for local podcasters and volunteering as the speaker liaison for DC Podfest. 


Debbie worked in the insurance industry for more than 20 years. She started in high school and thought she’d never leave the business. Her passion was helping businesses with risk management programs and comprehensive insurance planning. She is a Certified Insurance Counselor, an Accredited Advisor of Insurance and a Certified Professional Insurance Agent. As a podcaster, she brings this knowledge and experience in her podcast The Business of Insurance which is a show that talks with experts in the insurance industry. 


Debbie is a native Washingtonian. Born in the city and raised in the suburbs, she has never lived outside the area. For those not familiar with DC, natives understand that if she said she lived in Maryland, you wouldn’t know where it was, so the natives always say they live in DC. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a major in law enforcement. One of her semesters at Maryland was spent at the Munich Campus (before going abroad for a semester was a thing) and she was in the Fasching Parade (it’s like Mardi Gras).

When Debbie isn’t working, she’s gardening, volunteering or training for a race.

In 2018 she ran the NYC Marathon, which was her first and she says last marathon. She does like triathlons and anticipates doing a few of those a year. 

Every summer she volunteers at the Citi Open Tennis Tournament as a driver for players, coaches and special guests.

Claims to Fame – While Debbie has been working with entrepreneurs her entire career, her parents were also making a bit of history. Her biological dad was a police officer and escorted many presidents and dignitaries. She has a picture of her dad with two presidents. If you ever want to hear a funny story about an incident with her dad at a Redskins game, ask her! It’s too long for this about page!

Her mom worked on the Hill during the Watergate hearings (for Peter Rodino). There’s a signed copy of the Watergate transcripts in the family.