5 Tools for Sharing Information Via Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, some exciting tools have been developed to take your business into the cloud and allow you to share information without a long string of email correspondence. This is also known as cloud computing and it can be a great way to streamline your business tasks, helping your company to be more profitable. Below you will find a few of our favorites and what we like […]

Are You Listening?

Do you know what is being said about you on the internet? There are several online tools available that allow you to monitor what is being said about you or the search you specify. For example, what are people saying about your business? Do you know what your competitors are talking about? This information can help you with damage control or with positioning your company around something your competition is […]

Do You Have A Networking Personality?

Attracting new clients today isn’t the same as 25 years ago.  With the ‘Do Not Call’ registry and secure buildings, it is difficult to cold call on the phone or in person.  It’s easy to connect with people on social media sites but one of the best strategies for meeting prospects and strategic partners is to attend networking events.    For many, how to network is the challenge, therefore, we’ve created […]

How To Make Your Business More Successful

I remember when my youngest son was having problems with first-grade math. His older and wiser third-grade brother came to his rescue and explained the intricacies of fractions (something I was very grateful for since I’d forgotten more than I ever knew, and was busy cooking dinner at the time). The assistance of someone who had “been there” helped my youngest immensely and was a bonding moment the two could […]

Getting Published

For the past few weeks I’ve been taking a class on how to get published online. After all, getting published is a great way to earn credibility. I’m taking this class mostly to learn how to help my clients, but I believe in walking the talk, so it’s important for me to understand the process before I begin to help others. Today’s class was very hands on…everyone set up an […]

Need More Referrals? Read These…….

There have been many books written over the years about referrals, but these are five of our favorites. Each book  has a unique twist on the approach to referrals. Take the best ideas from each book and create your own referral marketing plan. John Jantsch – The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself – John has included some great ideas for building your referral engine. His ‘Introduction in […]

How To Succeed In Business

Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo, not because he failed to plan, but because he failed to stick to the plan.  He became reactive instead of proactive.  The result was a catastrophe for him, and “Waterloo” became synonymous with utter defeat. Many business owners pour hours into formulating a successful business plan strategy, only to open their doors and never look at the plan again.  It’s understandable how this can […]

Five Ideas For Creating Great Marketing Materials

When you look at websites and brochures, do you feel like they all look the same and say basically the same thing? What makes one brochure stand out over the next?  Glossy, shiny, flash or video are all terrific, but if your content doesn’t catch the attention of your prospects, you’ll lose them quickly. Implement these five strategies each time you create your materials and you’ll see greater results with […]