31 Reasons Small Business Owners Use Email Marketing

Rylan Pinkham of Constant Contact wrote the following article that provides 31 reasons To Use Email Marketing as Told by Small Business Owners. From connecting with new prospects to generating new business from current clients, the ideas are worth sharing. Constant Contact spoke with owners of restaurants, retail stores, real estate agencies, yoga studios, lawn care businesses, marketing companies, financial offices, and more and asked “Why do you use email marketing?” […]

5 Strategies For Building Your Email List

As much as people might want to think that email marketing is ‘dead,’ it is alive and well. Those who have been working on capturing the email addresses of their customers have been benefiting from marketing tactic for years. If you are new to business or new to email marketing, having a large list of email addresses is essential.  Building the list takes time, but when you are diligent about […]

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

If your business includes email marketing as a way to connect with clients and prospects, there is generally a great deal of thought that goes  into the content, design and layout of each email newsletter. You want the newsletter to compliment your brand as well as provide valuable information that will keep your audience excited to see your emails in their inbox.   Unfortunately there are many email newsletters that […]