Sydney Roe and Agency Nation

We recently had the opportunity to attend the IA&B  Futures Conference and interviewed Sydney Roe of Agency Nation on the Business of Insurance podcast. It was one of those chance opportunities because of schedules, but the wait was completely worth it. She’s fun, entertaining and making a difference for insurance agents when it comes to video marketing. This was without a doubt, one of the best times we’ve had recording […]

Podcaster Holiday Gifts

Looking for last minute ideas for your favorite podcaster? There are a few new items on the market that would make you a winner if discovered under the tree! Your favorite podcaster will love these podcasting gifts! One of them is a Rode Procaster mixer. It’s not cheap, but the features are so great for podcasters! If you want to make the plunge, you’ll make your podcaster melt! One of […]

Basic Podcast Equipment

What Podcast Equipment Should You Buy? So many of our soon to be podcasters ask us what equipment is needed to get started. If you want to make a minimum investment, here’s a list of podcast equipment to consider. We recommend not spending too much in the beginning just in case you pod fade (find podcasting isn’t for you)! This equipment is great for live or studio recording. Keep in […]

Is It Time To Create A Podcast For Your Conference or Event?

One of the biggest challenges conference planners face is keeping their attendees engaged from one year to the next. Figuring out how to build on the momentum of the last conference and add additional excitement for the next event isn’t easy. The best way to generate a higher return on investment for your event, while improving relationships with attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors is to create a conference podcast. It […]