Digital FontsIf your business includes email marketing as a way to connect with clients and prospects, there is generally a great deal of thought that goes  into the content, design and layout of each email newsletter. You want the newsletter to compliment your brand as well as provide valuable information that will keep your audience excited to see your emails in their inbox.  

Unfortunately there are many email newsletters that make the reader cringe when they read them. Maybe it’s the design, maybe it’s the content or maybe they find the email is all about the sender and find no value in what they are reading.  

To keep your audience looking forward to reading your email newsletters, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Don’t use too many fonts – the maximum number is 2. If you are the creative type, this might be difficult, but know that your readers will appreciate your efforts.
  • Picture Captions – if you use pictures, make sure they are labeled. Generally this is done when you upload the picture, but some ESPs allow you to change the name at any time. Make sure you have tagged the picture with something that your audience will connect with. For example, if you include a picture of yourself, label it as your name, not my pic or your initials. Remember, not everyone can see the pictures in their email without clicking an extra button. If you can properly tag the photo, they will know what it is when they read the email.
  • Keep the picture size small – since not everyone can see pictures, reducing the size of the picture reduces the amount of white space. If the reader sees too much white space, they might decide to delete it and miss the content.
  • Include your Company Name – if you include a company logo at the top of your email, make sure you type in your company name underneath of the logo. This follows the same principal that not everyone can see the pictures. By seeing your company name after the white space, they will have more brand recognition.
  • Spell Check – make sure you spell check all of your content. This includes subject line, coupons and your picture tags.  
If your emails provide value, your audience will look forward to reading them. Don’t overlook these common blunders and you’ll see an improvement in your open rates and click throughs. If you would like help improving the open rates of your email newsletters, give us a call.  

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