Today a podcast is one of the most valuable digital communication tools available. Companies are using them in various ways.  

Think of it as your organizations radio show. A communication tool that creates opportunities. 


Communicating With Employees 

If you have employees that work virtually or multiple locations, delivering effective communication can be challenging. A podcast provides an opportunity for employees to hear from the CEO and other leaders. They can listen at their leisure and receive the information that impacts them. Merrill Lynch and Deloitte have internal podcasts exclusively for their employees. 

Build A Brand

How often do your clients, partners and prospects hear from the CEO of your company? What about the department heads and back office staff? Design your podcast around conversations with employees. Let the world get to know them and build your brand.

Provide Resources To Your Clients

Closing The Gap is a podcast produced by Westfield Insurance Company. Their purpose is to provide resources to their agents and help them be more successful. 

Promote Your Clients

Business In Real Life is a podcast that promotes the members of Select Business Team. Each member is interviewed and then the show is promoted on different social media platforms. This provides each person additional exposure and the link to their website helps with SEO.

Promote Your Products And Services

Brian Buffini is one of our favorite podcasts.  It’s motivational and inspiring. There’s no selling but he mentions his coaching services regularly. As the podcast has evolved, they have added strategies for business growth.  

As podcasting gains in popularity, more organizations are using podcasts as a communication tool. 

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