Sydney Roe and Agency Nation

We recently had the opportunity to attend the IA&B  Futures Conference and interviewed Sydney Roe of Agency Nation on the Business of Insurance podcast. It was one of those chance opportunities because of schedules, but the wait was completely worth it. She’s fun, entertaining and making a difference for insurance agents when it comes to video marketing. This was without a doubt, one of the best times we’ve had recording […]

Podcaster Holiday Gifts

Looking for last minute ideas for your favorite podcaster? There are a few new items on the market that would make you a winner if discovered under the tree! Your favorite podcaster will love these podcasting gifts! One of them is a Rode Procaster mixer. It’s not cheap, but the features are so great for podcasters! If you want to make the plunge, you’ll make your podcaster melt! One of […]

Basic Podcast Equipment

What Podcast Equipment Should You Buy? So many of our soon to be podcasters ask us what equipment is needed to get started. If you want to make a minimum investment, here’s a list of podcast equipment to consider. We recommend not spending too much in the beginning just in case you pod fade (find podcasting isn’t for you)! This equipment is great for live or studio recording. Keep in […]

Is It Time To Create A Podcast For Your Conference or Event?

One of the biggest challenges conference planners face is keeping their attendees engaged from one year to the next. Figuring out how to build on the momentum of the last conference and add additional excitement for the next event isn’t easy. The best way to generate a higher return on investment for your event, while improving relationships with attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors is to create a conference podcast. It […]

Podcast Interview With More Than A Few Words

IS THERE A PODCAST IN YOUR FUTURE? Have you noticed that many of our social media posts mention the benefits of a podcast?  From our perspective, it is a great marketing tactic and a great tool for meeting prospects.  Our sister company, Select Business Team recently created a blog post about being interviewed on the show, More Than A Few Words, about the basics of starting your own show. In […]

31 Reasons Small Business Owners Use Email Marketing

Rylan Pinkham of Constant Contact wrote the following article that provides 31 reasons To Use Email Marketing as Told by Small Business Owners. From connecting with new prospects to generating new business from current clients, the ideas are worth sharing. Constant Contact spoke with owners of restaurants, retail stores, real estate agencies, yoga studios, lawn care businesses, marketing companies, financial offices, and more and asked “Why do you use email marketing?” […]

5 Strategies For Building Your Email List

As much as people might want to think that email marketing is ‘dead,’ it is alive and well. Those who have been working on capturing the email addresses of their customers have been benefiting from marketing tactic for years. If you are new to business or new to email marketing, having a large list of email addresses is essential.  Building the list takes time, but when you are diligent about […]

5 Tools for Sharing Information Via Cloud Computing

Over the past few years, some exciting tools have been developed to take your business into the cloud and allow you to share information without a long string of email correspondence. This is also known as cloud computing and it can be a great way to streamline your business tasks, helping your company to be more profitable. Below you will find a few of our favorites and what we like […]

Are You Listening?

Do you know what is being said about you on the internet? There are several online tools available that allow you to monitor what is being said about you or the search you specify. For example, what are people saying about your business? Do you know what your competitors are talking about? This information can help you with damage control or with positioning your company around something your competition is […]

Is Marketing A Challenge?

Is your marketing something that gets put off until business slows down? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There are many coaches and marketing professionals who have created programs to try and simplify the process, but unless you have a system in place or hire someone to handle the task for you, it often gets put to the back burner. Part of why marketing is often pushed to the bottom of […]