Basic Podcast Equipment

What Podcast Equipment Should You Buy? So many of our soon to be podcasters ask us what equipment is needed to get started. If you want to make a minimum investment, here’s a list of podcast equipment to consider. We recommend not spending too much in the beginning just in case you pod fade (find […]

Are You Listening?

Do you know what is being said about you on the internet? There are several online tools available that allow you to monitor what is being said about you or the search you specify. For example, what are people saying about your business? Do you know what your competitors are talking about? This information can […]

Is Marketing A Challenge?

Is your marketing something that gets put off until business slows down? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There are many coaches and marketing professionals who have created programs to try and simplify the process, but unless you have a system in place or hire someone to handle the task for you, it often gets put […]

5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

If your business includes email marketing as a way to connect with clients and prospects, there is generally a great deal of thought that goes  into the content, design and layout of each email newsletter. You want the newsletter to compliment your brand as well as provide valuable information that will keep your audience excited […]