Looking for last minute ideas for your favorite podcaster?

There are a few new items on the market that would make you a winner if discovered under the tree! Your favorite podcaster will love these podcasting gifts!

One of them is a Rode Procaster mixer. It’s not cheap, but the features are so great for podcasters! If you want to make the plunge, you’ll make your podcaster melt!

Rode Procaster

One of our favorite podcast hosts recently used the Samsung Q2U Microphone and talked about how much she loved the sound. It’s a new microphone and would make a great podcasting gift that your podcaster might love it too!

This isn’t a new item, but is your podcaster ready to come out of the closet?

A lot of podcasters record in their closets but would love to create a separate room for recording. One important item for a recording room is soundproofing. This doesn’t require a big budget but it is a worthwhile investment as a podcasting gift.

Help your podcaster get out of the closet with their recording!

If you are looking for other ideas for podcasting equipment, check out our beginners podcasting list we created. Wrap up a few of these items and your podcaster will be jumping for joy!


DISCLAIMER – if you purchase any products from the links above, Select Business Team, llc, the parent company of Select Business Marketing will make a few dollars!

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