Attract New Clients With A Podcast

Getting in front of  decision makers can be difficult. You are dealing with virtual offices so you can’t just stop by, you are dealing with lobby security making it difficult to even get in the building. Then there is voice mail and email which makes it easy for your messages to be ignored.

Stand out and grab the attention of difficult to reach prospects. At the same time, provide a compelling reason to continue the conversation with you. 

Introducing The Podcast

A podcast is the best sales platform to say to your prospects, ‘I want to get to know you, promote you and your organization and learn more about your business’. Invite your target prospects and strategic partners to be interviewed and have a conversation that benefits all of you.

A podcast is free publicity and free exposure for the person you interview. For you, it is access and then some.

If podcasting is new to you, don’t worry. In the past couple of years, podcasts have surged in popularity. Basically a podcast is a radio show that is online.

The beauty of podcasting is that you can create any type of show that you want and use the podcast in several different formats. 


A podcast is a great way to open doors. You reach out to your target prospect and ask them to be on your show. Don’t worry about what you’ll talk about, that’s our job as we help you design your show. Podcasts are a fantastic sales tool.


When your sales team has a podcast, it doesn’t just open doors. It is an invaluable marketing investment. Once the sales department does the interview, the show becomes content for your website and social media channels. It also allows you to get exposure to a much larger audience because of the hosting platforms. As we design your show, we’ll outline all of the potential uses for the podcast. We can work with your marketing department or handle the marketing of your show for you.


Think about all of the money you spend on marketing only to wait for the phone to ring. Our proven process puts you directly in front of the decision makers that you want to meet and has you talking about issues that position you as an organization they want to do business with.


We help you design your podcast so that it is reflective of your organization and your brand. You’ll be proud to talk about your podcast which will create buzz around your organization. The more people listen to your podcast, the more exposure you will receive. 


We believe video has it’s place, however, using it as a sales tool isn’t as effective because many people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. It is a lot easier to talk in front of a microphone which is what makes the concept more appealing to your decision makers.

Our experience in marketing combined with our understanding of podcasting creates the perfect mix for your company podcast.

Podcast Conversation

We start with a conversation about your organization, learn about your team and your current marketing efforts. Designing a podcast that feels comfortable to the organization, creates opportunities and enhances the marketing is what we are trying to achieve. 

Podcast Design

Your podcast program is designed to reach your goals and includes a proven system for reaching prospects, asking thought provoking questions and positioning yourself for the next meeting with your target prospects. 

Post Production

After each podcast recording, we take the audio, and work our magic. From editing, transcribing and creating social media posts we want you to get in front of prospects, we handle everything else.