Attract New Clients With A Podcast

Technology  makes it difficult to get in front of your target prospects. Today, you don’t have to butter up to the receptionist to get a meeting with the decision maker, you are competing with voice mail, email and digital technology.

You need a way to stand out and grab the attention of difficult to reach prospects. In addition, you need a compelling reason to get the prospect to continue the conversation with you.

Introducing The Podcast

If podcasting is new to you, don’t worry. In the past couple of years, podcasts have really surged in popularity. Basically a podcast is a radio show that is online.

When you use a podcast as a sales tool, you invite your target prospects and strategic partners to be interviewed, having a conversation that benefits all of you. It is free publicity and free exposure for the person you interview. For you, it is access and then some.

Successful marketing starts with a plan. In order to design a successful podcast, we need to understand your goals, your vision and your target audience.  Once that has been identified, we create a podcast system that is easy to implement.  

With a clear direction we then we drill down into graphics, music, the show format and all of the other details you need to reach your target audience. 

You’ll receive a completed blueprint with everything you need to start reaching your targeted prospects and the tools and resources to implement your plan.

Once we have designed your podcast program, the next phase is to help you feel comfortable with the equipment and interviewing. We offer hourly training packages that give you as little or as much as you need. Our training includes:

  • Equipment
  • Recording
  • Interview Techniques
  • Post Production

As we design your podcast strategy, we determine the amount of involvement you need from us.  If you need us to facilitate the interviews, our team is more than qualified to assist.

If you want to do everything yourself, we make sure you have the proper resources to be successful.

Once your interview is complete, we offer an all inclusive post production package.  This includes:

Editing – We remove the ums and deep breaths and any other parts of the conversation that aren’t appropriate. Depending on your show format, we add intro’s /outro’s and music

Uploading – We upload to your podcast platform and your website

Transcribing – We will transcribe your podcast, providing you great content for your website that is also optimized for SEO

Social Media – We create social media posts, graphics and for sharing on your social platforms

When you invite your guests to promote the episode, your podcast will reach a larger audience. To facilitate this effort, we create social media posts and graphics for your guests to make it easy for them to promote the episode on their website and their social media platforms.

We can also work with your guests marketing department to ensure the promotion pieces reflect their brand.

Conference planners who are looking to generate a higher return on their event and improve relationships with attendees, sponsors and exhibitors and create another revenue stream need a podcast.

With a podcast you can:

  • Interview speakers before a conference and provide a snippet of what attendees will learn from them
  • Offer Exhibitors the chance to be interviewed at the conference as an additional advertising opportunity
  • Provide an opportunity for your big sponsors to sponsor your podcast all year long providing increased exposure beyond just the event signage and in the conference brochure
  • Create a plan to interview attendees and speakers during the conference. These conversations can be used as content all year long to stay in front of your audience.