A podcast allows you to keep the conversation going long after the event is over. Interview speakers, vendors, sponsors and attendees and share the excitement.

Release episodes over the course of 12 months and keep attendees engaged while creating anticipation for the next event.

Podcasts are also a great way to promote vendors and sponsors and share their message. It is also a way to generate additional sponsorship revenue!

Share the excitement from attendees, knowledge from the speakers and promote the vendors and sponsors. 

Producing a podcast around your conference should not be a headache or a burden. Our goal is to help you produce the best content possible while providing white glove treatment to your speakers, exhibitors and attendees. We take care of everything from designing the show to post production editing and publication and marketing if needed.

Our specialty is creating podcasts for insurance conferences, however, we can work with any conference planner.

Why insurance conferences? 

Our founder has been part of the insurance industry for over 30 years. Yes, she started in high school! She has a thorough understanding of the industry and as a result can design a conference podcast with that knowledge. Learn more about Debbie.

We have a full range of podcast options that will engage, educate and entertain your audience.


Before the conference, we work with you to design a podcast show that reflects the associations brand, mission and budget. This includes determining number of episodes, number of interviews, content strategy, length of interviews, number of sponsorships, post production strategy and everything in between.


We will show you how to make your podcast a revenue stream alongside other sponsorship opportunities for the annual conference.


Our experienced staff will interview the predetermined speakers, exhibitors and attendees. We have a network of professional newscasters available for interviewing. Our recording equipment is mobile but provides high quality sound output. We can set up a recording studio for the ‘WOW’ effect or record in the ‘Green Room’.

Check out this episode where we interview an event planner and discuss the next event. 


Once the conference has ended, our editors will prepare the podcast for publication as determined in the podcast design.