When you look at websites and brochures, do you feel like they all look the same and say basically the same thing? What makes one brochure stand out over the next?  Glossy, shiny, flash or video are all terrific, but if your content doesn’t catch the attention of your prospects, you’ll lose them quickly.

Implement these five strategies each time you create your materials and you’ll see greater results with your marketing efforts.

  • The content shouldn’t be about how wonderful you are, but about how you help your clients.
  • The materials shouldn’t be printed on your desktop printer. Invest in good paper or spend money on getting your materials printed professionally.
  • Write in “layman’s terms”, not in industry lingo – if you want your prospects to understand the value you will bring to them, be sure they understand what you are saying.
  • Don’t share your mission or your vision – this should be for your staff but not for your prospects.
  • Don’t be too wordy – short, sweet, bullet points get more attention than long wordy paragraphs.

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