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For the past few weeks I’ve been taking a class on how to get published online. After all, getting published is a great way to earn credibility. I’m taking this class mostly to learn how to help my clients, but I believe in walking the talk, so it’s important for me to understand the process before I begin to help others.

Today’s class was very hands on…everyone set up an account together, we went step by step learning what the site was looking for, how to leverage our article and how to keep the process moving. ¬†Here is the link for my article that was published today. ¬†Click here to view

Most marketers know that putting content on a website is essential for SEO (search engine optimization) but what happens if the content isn’t being viewed?

  • There are strategies for sharing content throughout social media which is great if you have a good following.
  • There are strategies for sharing content via email newsletters which is great so long as you have a decent list to market to.

Getting published online allows you to reach an audience that you don’t know. It allows you to build some credibility with a new audience and if all of the other pieces are properly in place, it will allow you to expand your reach and potentially expand your client list.

If you’d like to learn more about getting published online, give us a call.



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